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RiQian (Tangshan)  Motor Co., LTD
RiQian (Tangshan)  Motor Co., LTD
Maintenance case

Motor maintenance Case

Maintenance of MRS7636A 3050KW motor of Asano Cement Co., Ltd
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Overhaul of Z710-560 1500KW motor armature of Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd
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Transformation and overhaul of Z900-2 1600KW motor armature of Hebei Dachang Jinming Fine Co., Ltd
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Overhaul of 3800KW stator and rotor in Kailuan Coal Mine
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Voltage modification and maintenance of EFF2BLD 5000KW motor stator of Jinruicheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd
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Overhaul of 25000KW motor stator of Xinfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd
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Overhaul of 7400KW generator stator in Spain
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Incoming maintenance of 130T electric wheel motor made in Belarus
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Jilin Yatai 1400KW motor before and after repair
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RiQian(Tangshan) motor Co., Ltd. has developed into an annual output of 80,000 sets of energy-saving motor electronic control production base, and is a large scale in North China and Northeast China, the strength of technical equipment is strong modern motor maintenance enterprises.

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