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RiQian (Tangshan)  Motor Co., LTD
RiQian (Tangshan)  Motor Co., LTD



The letters "R" and "Q", which rely on each other, embody the inclusiveness, momentum and unity of the enterprise.

Red represents sunshine, efficiency and enthusiasm

Black represents dignity, poise and professionalism


The good faith

(1) Enterprise integrity, refers to the enterprise in the market economy environment of integrity, is the social responsibility of enterprises;

(2) Enterprises are honest to the government, provide more jobs, and pay taxes in good faith;

(3) the integrity between enterprises and employees is the responsibility of employees, and the enterprise should pay attention to the integrity of investors;

(4) enterprises should be honest to users to ensure the quality of products;

(5) Enterprises should be honest with suppliers to form a strategic integration of common development and common growth.


The sun

(1) According to the industrial orientation vigorously promoted by the country and society, enterprises determine our development direction and become legal enterprise citizens;

Sunshine on behalf of positive, vibrant, thriving;

(2) Sunshine represents honesty, create a relaxed working atmosphere, make the sun become the best gathering place for talents;

(3)The sun requires that every employee rely on their own efforts to get paid. As long as you work hard, you will be rewarded;

(4)The sun shines on every aspect of Japan's development, so that corruption will never be a breeding ground, so that bureaucrats will never lose the market, the sun keeps Japan's innovation momentum.



(1) Efficient means simple;

(2) Efficient means simple;

(3)Efficient means fast pace;

(4) Efficiency means execution, no excuses;

(5) Efficiency represents the militarized management concept.



(1) It is the outstanding cultural quality of the Chinese nation
(2)Without diligence, no country, nation or enterprise can develop.

Core Values

Focus on the customer

Customers are our food and clothing parents, to create value for customers is the company's reason for existence. The end and starting point of the work should be closely around this center, "customer satisfaction and customer achievement is our unswerving purpose".

Take the striver as this

People are our core competitiveness, want me to do into I want to do, only struggle to succeed. We need an enterprising, dedicated, responsible, responsible and dedicated staff. We advocate that we can only get paid by knowledge and work much more than others, improve our lives and achieve our great cause.

Twenty rules of conduct

Integrity of the sun

Keep your promises and be trustworthy

Seek truth from facts, never fake

Responsible, no excuses

Positive thinking and open communication

Fair and impartial, clean and honest

The customer is supreme

Put yourself in others' shoes and treat others as yourself

Altruistic thinking, long-term win-win

Comprehensive reception, process service

The supplier is the customer

Continuous innovation, demand oriented

Four Values

Integrity of the sun

Honesty is our most basic character;

Sunshine advocates fairness, fairness, transparency and harmony. Hard work is built on the basis of sunshine and happiness. Making employees happy and devoting themselves to work is the basic principle that our managers must bear in mind.


Customer priority

The only reason we survive is that customers keep placing orders with us. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority in all our work, and helping customers succeed is our success.



Only diligence, pay one hundred times more than others, it is possible to be excellent and great, there is no shortcut to go.

Efficiency is an essential skill for people. We value simplicity, directness, and getting things done at once.


Focus on quality

Quality is our self-esteem, is the most basic floor. With excellent products, reliable quality, high quality service, continuous improvement, to meet the increasing quality needs of customers.


RiQian(Tangshan) motor Co., Ltd. has developed into an annual output of 80,000 sets of energy-saving motor electronic control production base, and is a large scale in North China and Northeast China, the strength of technical equipment is strong modern motor maintenance enterprises.

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