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RiQian (Tangshan)  Motor Co., LTD
RiQian (Tangshan)  Motor Co., LTD
Leadership speech

Leadership speech

Sincerely to friends and colleagues from all walks of life:

Holding (tangshan) co., LTD., founded in 2011, involving large motor maintenance and energy saving electronic production research and development manufacturing two fields, after eight years of wind and rain vicissitudes of life and the prosperity of the market economy depression, formed the tangshan day hold unique to go forward, striving development pattern, in the burgeoning market economy flood tide, Made day lead people worked hard, fight spirit of innovation, solves the problems of hebei and the surrounding areas of all kinds enterprise motor maintenance maintenance problems, with excellent technology, advanced equipment and sincere service development, become north China and northeast scale, technology, equipment, strength of energy-saving motor electric manufacturing and large maintenance services base.
In our country economy fast development, the global economy to accelerate the integration of today, we keep pace with The Times, scaling new heights, the enterprise view of the development of the higher and further, strive for the motor maintenance industry and energy-saving model electronic manufacturing industry in China, "exquisite technology Sincere service management Strives for perfection "is our always insist the management idea, We will provide our customers with better products and services.
Here, ON BEHALF OF ALL THE STAFF OF TANGSHAN COMPANY, I would like to EXTEND my sincere WISHES TO THE PEOPLE from ALL WALKS OF life, AND my heartfelt THANKS TO THE old AND new friends who care and SUPPORT RIYAN (Tangshan) Motor Co., LTD.

RiQian(Tangshan) motor Co., Ltd. has developed into an annual output of 80,000 sets of energy-saving motor electronic control production base, and is a large scale in North China and Northeast China, the strength of technical equipment is strong modern motor maintenance enterprises.

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